August 24, 2013

Citizens of the Week: Volunteer wreck responders

The Daily Citizen

— Coping with tragedy is never easy, but when tragedy strikes, it often calls for a strong response.

There were many people who responded when a passenger van and a dump truck collided at the intersection of Beaverdale Road and Good Hope Road Wednesday morning, killing the female driver of the van and seriously injuring her 9-year-old daughter.

We know there were many people that day who came to the wreck victims’ aid. There were friends who saw the wreck happen and called 911.

There were strangers who came up seconds later and began working to pull the child from the vehicle. There were onlookers who heard the commotion and called for help.

Christy Owens went to the woman, Christy Lynn Wimpey, 38, of Beaverdale, and tried to awaken her. Owens’ husband, Derick, and his cousin, Anthony, worked to pull a jammed door open so they could get to Wimpey’s daughter, Katie. Once they freed her, they worked to stabilize her head until emergency responders arrived.

We know Katie has a long road ahead of her, and we hope that one day we’ll be writing about all the good things she’s done with her life. For now, our hearts go out to her and her family as they begin the physical and emotional process of healing.

We know there are others who helped at the wreck scene, and we don’t know everyone’s name. What we do know is that those who took time to call for assistance, tried to give aid or even just offered what comfort they could are to be commended for their actions.

For their deeds — big or small — The Daily Citizen names those who responded to the Beaverdale Road wreck Citizens of the Week.