September 13, 2013

Potential still exists for area’s leading industry

The Daily Citizen

— Tomorrow’s floorcovering industry will look much different from your father’s floorcovering industry.

Yes, we said tomorrow’s floorcovering industry.

The FloorTek Expo wrapped up Thursday after three busy days at the trade center. And the energy and the optimism shown by all the vendors and speakers and industry leaders who attended the event made it clear that floorcovering has already begun to rebound from the great recession and has a bright future.

And the fact that so many people representing so many companies from around the world came to Dalton to try to generate business shows that floorcovering has a bright future in northwest Georgia.

And it will have to have a future because visionary leaders have had the courage to change how they do business.

The carpet industry is on the leading edge of technological advancement in American industry. And it was one of the first industries to go “green” and become more environmentally friendly.

Many of the vendors at FloorTek displayed machines and processes to help floorcovering companies recycle their products or the water and other materials used to make their products. Others displayed computerized machinery that helps the industry turn out products faster and in greater quantity than ever before.

FloorTek shows the power and potential of this area’s greatest industry. And we were glad to see its return after a four-year hiatus. We hope that it will not take another four years for it to return to Dalton.