October 19, 2013

Letter: Moral relativism hurts society

“Moral relativism” may not be in your vocabulary, but you read and hear it every day. Someone will comment that something is wrong or immoral and the immediate response is “How does that harm you?”

In today’s thinking anything that makes you feel good, even for a moment, which does not physically harm someone else, is morally OK. Our society has come to believe that morality is in the eye of the beholder. There is no definitive right or wrong; only feelings matter. That’s moral relativism.

Once upon a time TV shows were about good versus evil, and you knew which was which. Today’s shows blur or erase those lines. The Bible says we are made in God’s image but with a sinful nature. Today’s generation prefers to erase God and glorify the other. As a nation we aren’t doing well in practice.

We’re not calm, cool and collected. In 2010 more than 60 million prescriptions were written for tranquilizers, according to a 2012 article in Psychology Today. Some of the listed possible effects of tranquilizers are frightening: hostility, hallucinations, confusion, irritability, disorganized thinking and possibly suicide. Read back over the list of mass murderers of late and see how many were being treated with chemicals for depression and mental disorders.

Our families have fallen apart. The number of babies born to unwed mothers is increasing dramatically, 72 percent of black births and more than 40 percent overall. The Affordable Care Act includes a hefty marriage penalty.

If you ask a liberal if it’s OK to kill someone that you have reason to despise, you’d get a dramatic eye roll and the answer “Of course not. It’s wrong to hurt somebody.” Yet, they see absolutely nothing wrong with killing more than a million babies each year before they have a chance to be born.

Although liberals vehemently deny it, this country was founded on the principles of Judeo-Christian morality. Our country isn’t just leaning toward moral relativism; we have arrived. The new morality is emotion-based — don’t subject anyone to anything religious, and don’t reward winners because it might make someone feel bad.

Recently U.S. Sen. Harry Reid called tea party patriots — who call for less government, respect for the Constitution and honesty in government — anarchists and radicals.

Patriotism and conservatism have become dirty epithets. Our forefathers were God-loving, God-fearing men who wanted to honor God with this nation. How did we go so wrong?

Ina Fay Manly



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