October 23, 2013

Letter: Taking advantage of our children

— The House of Representatives’ job is to control spending, but raising the debt ceiling is stealing.

When the Fed raises the debt, two things happen: The nation is weaker, and so are the citizens. Likewise, printing money to cover the debt makes the money in your pocket worth less.

I personally learned at an early age not to go in debt. Those who look for debt punish those who follow, and it’s like robbery. My goal is to give those who follow me the best chance to avoid debt. To the contrary, our national leaders are out to take advantage of our children.

When will people wake up, and jail the thieves? It is a war between the takers and the makers. As a nation and as a family, we need to stay away from debt as you would stay away from disease. However, Congress will fail to take this advice because most are takers, and pass laws on you exempting themselves.

Odell Cochran

Tunnel Hill