October 31, 2013

Letter: Abusive power

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Our founding fathers understood this principle and the value of independence. They worked diligently and intelligently to protect the new nation of 13 colonies finally liberated from the overseas control of the British Empire’s tentacles, which at that time encircled almost the entire globe. If history really does repeat itself, even mistakes, it must be because we forget.

I have witnessed in my own lifetime the federal government grow several new departments. For instance, the Department of Education was established to improve education, even for the most disadvantaged citizens. After 35 years, it doesn’t appear the public school system has improved. Inclusive tolerance, under the guise of diversity, has morphed into divisive, hypocritical bigotry and political correctness. Teachers are clearly better off, especially those connected with unions, government insiders and bureaucrats. Students are not better off, especially those overlooked and emotionally disadvantaged children that are bullied to suicide.

Twelve years ago on our soil, more than three thousand individuals were mercilessly killed by Islamic fascists. Our government added the Department of Homeland Security in response to protect us from future attacks. Unfortunately, it looks like the government is more secure, especially politicians and crony capitalist pigs, who are literally laughing all the way to the bank, while citizens are less secure in their privacy, property and liberty.

Freedom-loving citizens become more constrained by growing, financially burdensome and intrusive government. I fear as we grow government we give up a little more independence and responsibility for self.

If we expect government to provide medical care as another “entitlement” or constitutional guarantee to every citizen, then the quality of health care will decline to the lowest common denominator and a minimal universal definition of “health care,” which will not improve, but for most, if not all, worsen and become even less affordable.

If medical care becomes the responsibility of government rather than the individuals governed, then we will see an ever-expanding, ever-intrusive and ever-more tyrannical government with tentacles invading and entangling almost every aspect of our lives. Dare I add “ever incompetent”? Power is control; control is power.

Please wake up, people, before it is too late.

David T. Blackburn


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