November 10, 2013

Letter: Slavery endures

— Current American slavery confirms the wisdom of our founders who, in writing our Declaration of Independence, recognized that mankind is more likely to suffer evils that are sufferable than to attempt abolishing a government to which they are accustomed. What? You thought slavery doesn’t exist in America today?

Serf, servant, slave, vassal, etc., describe defenseless humans and conditions controlled by other cruel, domineering humans. American education has created an illusion that slavery occurred only when humans of certain ethnicity or race were bought and sold as property by other humans. This illusion ignores both historical and current facts. Secular and biblical (Genesis 47: 18-19) histories record humans selling themselves and their children into slavery for perceived necessities of life. Could we be selling ourselves and our children into slavery today? Yes!

The state’s duly elected career politicians continue to sell our (their) constitutionally retained rights to the federal government in exchange for vote-buying monetary grants. Federal career politicians establish and grow bureaucratic agencies. We — although many blissful, well meaning souls don’t realize it — are now slaves on the bureaucratic plantations of the Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, Homeland Security, Internal Revenue Service, etc. Most individuals, groups, churches, clubs, political parties, etc., seem to be reaffirming the wisdom of our founding fathers in that we endure this sufferable evil of our government’s slavery rather than attempting a return to America’s founding principles.

Individuals and groups who advocate real freedom can be realized by our nation’s returning to Constitutional principles and reducing the size of government are characterized by major political parties as villains. Yours and my slavery is evidenced by our continued acceptance of career politicians as a form of “sufferable evil.” Who can change these truths? You and I, but only if we get involved and speak out.

Frank Barnes