November 20, 2013

Charles Oliver: Elderly man objects to 'interference'


* Oregon State Police say they are investigating why a trooper Tasered a naked 11-year-old girl found wandering along a highway. They say the trooper was afraid she would wander out into traffic, so he Tasered her when she refused to obey his commands. They later found the girl was autistic and had walked away from a nearby home.

* Former, Auburn, Wash., cop John Michael Clemmons has pleaded guilty to fondling a woman during a traffic stop. Clemmons had his police certification taken from him and was given a one-year deferred sentence, two years probation and community service.

* A Swedish court has convicted a woman, who wasn’t named by local media, of assault for slapping a man who grabbed her rear end in a nightclub. The court found that the woman was provoked but wasn’t acting in self-defense. She was fined 2,500 kronor (about $476). The man was not charged.

Charles Oliver is a staff writer for The Daily Citizen.

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