April 26, 2013

Our community at its best

The Daily Citizen

— At a time when things seem difficult and misunderstood in the world, we had the privilege to attend an elementary school track meet.

What a gorgeous day in Dalton!

For the second straight year, the Dalton Public Schools elementary school track meet was held at Dalton High School. Hundreds of boys and girls in third through fifth grades participated. They ran the mile, quarter mile and 100-yard dash and competed in many other events.

This day was the culmination of tryouts and many weeks of training before and after school. This was an event that saw teachers and principals and parents come together with the high school track coaches and volunteer students. This was our community at its best.  This was a day to celebrate hard work and achievement. Not a standardized test could be found.

We hope this event continues and grows with more events and community support. We are proud of all the kids involved and hope the event touches each child with the desire to stay active and fit the rest of their lives, even if they never run another competitive race.

Thank you, Dalton Public Schools and students, for a great day.