May 18, 2013

Citizens of the Week: Mystery Samaritans

Marty Kirkland

— When Jackie Garner’s husband, James, fell on the pavement on Riverbend Road last Saturday, he might have lain in the road for hours.

“He got out of the car for something, and he started back to get in the car, and he fell flat on his face,” Jackie Garner explained.

Fortunately, two Good Samaritans stopped, went out to the road and helped the 81-year-old man get back on his feet. Now the Garners want to thank the helpers. There’s just one problem: They don’t know their names.

“If they hadn’t picked him up and hadn’t stopped, I don’t know how long he would have laid there or (if someone would have) hit him,” Jackie Garner said. “It was just that the Lord sends angels to stop and get him up.”

The Garners would like the women to call them at (706) 277-0848 so they can thank them personally.

James Garner is expected to be OK, but he had to go to the emergency room to have his eye checked, and he went back to the doctor a few days ago for a follow-up appointment.

For having compassion for someone who needed help, The Daily Citizen names these “mystery Samaritans” Citizens of the Week.