March 8, 2014

Letter: An appreciation of David Pennington

— When you took office six years ago as mayor, I did not know you personally, but during these six years, you have earned my respect and my trust. I now consider you and your family as dear friends.

You and your council have met all the goals you said you would meet and have done everything you said you would do from the beginning.

You all have made a wonderful team. It has been a pleasure to watch you all in action.

It is with great sadness I see you leave your post.

Yet it is with great happiness and excitement, on the other hand, as I see you leave for bigger and better things; to help everyone in the state, not just the locals of Dalton.

David, you are a wonderful and honest person. You’re a great Christian and a perfect example of what everyone wants to see in a politician ... someone we can believe in.

I wish only great things for you and Pam, including you being our next governor of Georgia.

It is with great honor that I say you have been the best mayor this town has ever had I know you’ll be the best governor our state has ever had, too.

To my husband, George, who takes over your post, I’d like to wish him all the best in the next few months to come. Lastly, Mayor Pennington, I just want you to know that I sing your praises everywhere I go and I consider myself your No. 1 fan.

I love you and Pam. I wish you both only the best as you start your new journey.

Betty Sadosuk