July 10, 2013

Letter: A disservice

I attended the Whitfield County Board of Commissioners May 27 meeting where they discussed rezoning the corner of Dug Gap Road and West Dug Gap Mountain Road. I saw the outpouring of opposition from many Dug Gap area residents and heard the recommendation to deny the request from the Dalton-Whitfield County Planning Commission. I was shocked to read in the paper on June 11 that our representatives approved this request!

After reading Mrs. Lynn Laughter’s reasons for allowing this structure to be built in our community, I was quite confused. I never heard any Dug Gap resident at the May 27 meeting say that it would be great to have a Dollar General if it had three brick sides, or if it looked better than the existing property or if it solved the water runoff issue. It was very apparent to me we were most concerned about 1) the decrease in our property values, 2) creeping commercialism in our neighborhood and 3) destroying the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of our small community.

The Board of Commissioners did the people who elected them a disservice by not listening to the Planning Commission’s recommendation. Maybe the next Dollar General should be built on the corner of Mill Creek Road and Goose Hill Road. However, it probably should have four brick sides instead of three!

More than three weeks ago I wrote a personal letter to all the commissioners and the county administrator asking how they arrived at their decision to rezone the Dug Gap area and asking for a response. I have only heard from two of them! The only responses I received were from Mark Gibson, the county administrator who has no vote, and from Mike Babb, who was not even present to vote.

These commissioners (Mike Babb, Harold Brooker, Lynn Laughter, Gordon Morehouse and Robby Staten) were elected by us to serve our best interests. I voted for them because I thought they would give me a voice in the political process. Apparently not so. Please, when you next go to the ballot box, vote for a person who will be a true representative, one who will listen to you and engage in a conversation. Vote for one who truly has your best interests and that of your community at heart.

Rhoda Sims


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