April 27, 2014

‘Stars’ shone on dance floor for good cause

For those already tired of hearing about the upcoming political elections they may have turned their attention to an election of another type — voting for favorite competitors in the Dancing Stars of Dalton.

This annual event, based somewhat on a popular, long-running television show, is a fundraiser benefiting Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter. Ten local “stars” are paired with 10 professional dancers to help the local Alzheimer’s chapter in a one-night dance program. The show was held Saturday night at the trade center.

Our local stars included those taken from a wide spectrum of the community, from an architect to fire chief, bankers to a college athletic director. Many of them have dealt with family members afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, which robs victims of their minds and then their lives.

Here’s where the voting process came in. By going to the Alzheimer’s Association website, dancingstarsofdalton.com, you could vote for your favorite dance team for a $1 donation. And in this election you could have voted as many times and as often as desired.

Many in the community did vote, as the event’s website reported that $186,387 had been pledged.

Although the website said that online table and ticket sales closed weeks ago, the online voting site remained open.

This was the third year this extravaganza has tapped its way into Dalton and it has become a large and popular fundraiser for the local Alzheimer’s chapter. It is the type of fundraiser that we have no qualms about supporting, not only is it for a good cause but also a source of good entertainment.

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