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January 26, 2013

Letter: President Obama is a NASCAR fan?

I was surprised to see that during the inaugural address that President Obama has shown his true colors to be a NASCAR fan. I know that is shocking to many, but it is true.

Stay with me here. More specifically, he is apparently a big supporter of Talladega. The president may secretly harbor a desire to be a driver there — based on those four hard left turns he made during the address, he’d be a shoe-in at Talladega. Here’s how the race call might go:

“Heading into turn one passing Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, a hard left on gun control. Accelerating into turn two, another left on gay marriage. Next he’s passing LBJ and FDR going into turn three, for expanded social programs. Now the president is heading into the final left turn by blowing past all of Europe with new cap and trade proposals.”

There is little doubt the blue states will love Obama’s new left — oh sorry, “progressive” — turns. The red states will loath them. I don’t think anyone can doubt the facts that this is Obama 2.0 and it is not your father’s Oldsmobile. Watch out, Jimmie Johnson, there may be a president passing you on your progressive side, I mean left side.

Jevin Jensen



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