February 10, 2013

Papaw says, give me more Forum

“If an Alabama state trooper stops you, the first thing you say is, ‘Roll Tide Roll.”

“Papaw says, chicken lips, pig feet and chitlins. It’s what’s for dinner.

“Papaw says, it’s cold enough outside to freeze the ears off a brass monkey.”

“Papaw agrees, Bama is a dynasty.”

“Mr. Mayor, Papaw says we need a VA clinic and a YMCA.”

“Papaw says, a one-legged duck swims in circles.”

“Papaw says, for all you LSU fans, class dismissed.”

“Mr. Editor, can you spell Tuscaloosa. The road to the national championship rolls through Tuscaloosa.”

“We the people want Papaw back in the Forum.”

“Used to be Papaw would be the last person to put you down.”

“The Forum is boring without Papaw.”

“Goe Goe. Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You are the winds beneath my wings.”

“Papaw’s got the Eastwood smile and the Robert Redford hair.”

“Papaw asks, what is the square root of six?”

“Papaw is a member of the senior Chippendale’s.”

“Ladies. Papaw’s available. Input.”

“I’m Papaw, and I’m not smarter than a fifth-grader.”

“When Papaw starts eating solid food, you better give me elbow room.”

“Papaw asks, cow patty, are you out there?”

“Papaw says to my ‘Nam brothers, welcome home.”

“Papaw says, you don’t need an automatic weapon to deer hunt.”

“Besides being Airborne, Papaw was a gravedigger.”

“Good morning. Where’s Papaw?”

“Papaw used to say, the drunker I sit here the longer I get.”

“Papaw says, feed the birds. They sing to you.”

“Papaw is the Coca-Cola cowboy.”

“Papaw, how many national championships did you say Alabama had? Fifteen!”

“Papaw knows that disco duck.”

“Papaw says, it’s a weedeater not a weedwhacker.”

“Papaw says, when the frost is on the pumpkin, it’s time for a doughnut dunking.”

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