May 1, 2013

Letter: We are all Americans

— Helen Kizer’s letter on April 14 was directed at me. I’m sure Helen means well when she quotes Scripture to me.

Helen, I grew up in a Christian home. If the doors of the church were open, we were there.

I still make church attendance a weekly part of my life as well as daily Bible study. The hard part is trying to live it. You don’t need to quote the Bible to me about abortion. I know what it says. I have read it many times.

My comment about Roe vs. Wade being 40 years old was not meant to make light of it. My point was that you will not change it. I wish there was no such thing as abortion, but there is and always has been.

I remember my mother telling me about a young girl using a coat hanger to abort her child. She died. When I was young I knew young girls from Dalton going to New York to have an abortion. Since it was illegal it was done in some dirty back room.

Helen, you said Republican or Democrat, we should vote for the person who believes in the principles of God’s word. If I believed the Republican Party was such a good moral party I would still be a member of it. I believe they only use abortion and other social issues to divide us.

Helen, I feel as strong as you do about abortion but who takes care of these children after they are born? The Republicans want to cut the entitlement programs. So who will feed these children? We cannot let them go hungry. The churches do a good job taking care of the poor, but they can only do so much.

If you think the Republican Party is the more moral party, then I wish they would raise the minimum wage so people can have a decent living, give them affordable health insurance and get the high-powered guns off the streets and out of the hands of the criminals and the mentally ill.

The children at Sandy Hook Elementary deserved to live, but they died with a bullet hole in them the size of a baseball. A family member told that on a TV program.

When something like the bombings in Boston happens, Americans come together. The president came on TV and said he had talked with Congress and they all agreed that in such situations there are no Democrats and Republicans, but we are all Americans.

I just wish it was like that every day.

Wilma Gibson