May 6, 2013

Letter: Answering to God

— Mrs. Gibson,

While I agree with you about our political system, and how both parties only care about what can make them rich, I do not agree with you about the abortion issue. The Bible tells us that murder is wrong, and I know most people say that was the Old Testament, and we are under grace now. But the Bible also tells us that the law was given to stop the mouth of every man, or woman, so we all become guilty before God.

The law was given to make us guilty, and grace was given to remove the guilt, so that being said, we know if we say we are Christians and we believe that abortion is OK we are contradicting our belief in Christ, because he said, “I did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it.” Also the Bible says, “That whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope” (Romans 15:4).

So what I am trying to say is as before in a letter to the editor I had written, whatever party you support, you will still give an account to God for every idle word and deed you did on this Earth. If you “hitched your team to a bad wagon” you will still answer to God for what you voted on and said.

And finally, if Christians cannot agree that the Bible is right, and we cannot agree that we have to live by what it says, we will continue to lose our religious freedoms in this country until they are all gone. I once heard a great old preacher say, “The greatest miracle God will perform will be getting all us Christians to live together in heaven.”

Roger Weathers