July 28, 2013

Letter: Really sad

— Will we ever be able to have race not be an issue? I have a lot of white friends, and one of them informed me that we will never get rid of race.

I was told by my friend that I would never win an election in Whitfield County because of race, but that didn’t keep me from at least trying to make things change.

I have had a white man that owned a store at one time in the Rocky Face area tell me to my face that he wouldn’t vote for a black man. I was told that the purpose was actually to keep every elected office as white as possible north of Rome.

So what does a young person of color have as a future to look toward, even if they go to college and get an education? All elected offices locally are filled with white individuals except one, Tulley Johnson.

So I have another question. What if all the elected positions were filled with all people of color, except one white individual, how would you as a white person feel?

I was born right here in Dalton, Ga., the Carpet Capital of the World, and in 2013 — and in a way it still seems like 60 years ago — it’s really sad when I am asked how many people of color do we have in an elected office and I have to say, “One.”

Nicky Starling