June 4, 2013

Letter: It don’t mean nothing!

— Like life around us, the comics can be funny, educational and/or disturbing. “Hocus-Focus” is a most enjoyable test of our observational skills appearing daily in The Daily Citizen. But is it possible that the author also wants to see if anyone is really paying attention? Take another look at “Hocus-Focus” in the May 30 issue. Is there a lifestyle suggestion here?

Many of the things on our minds today probably started as something small, maybe even funny, or rather insignificant. At that time we probably thought something like “That’s not worth fooling with. Laugh and go on.” Or “Don’t fret with it; it don’t mean nothing.” Today, we are very much aware of how whatever it was has grown into something we wish we did not now have to “fool with.”

There are those among us who would control us. These folks are not stupid. Many are talented, have likable traits, and we are influenced by them without even realizing it. Some may or may not be well educated, but in all cases they are very intelligent about how most of us see and hear, but really do not comprehend or do not care. They exist in our business, in our church, in our community, in our elected leaders and maybe even in our families. Most important, these who would control us do shape us slowly over time.

Our Bible warns us of these types, and God has delegated to you and me the responsibility — and also granted us our personal freedom — for choosing to be alert or to remain blissfully ignorant of those. What will you and I choose?

Is it possible the cartoonist is suggesting that a more tolerant lifestyle is acceptable for the two men depicted? Aw shucks; don’t fret about it. It don’t mean nothing!

Frank Barnes