July 3, 2014

Letter: The plan

What does it take to turn a capitalist nation into a socialist one? It only takes two things: a plan and patience. Socialists have proved they have plenty of both.

Beginning in the 1880s elitist academics were enthralled with the theory of socialism. It promised to end poverty by giving everyone a job and empowering the government to provide for needs through massive taxation and wealth redistribution. Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt embraced those ideals.

When Theodore Roosevelt became president after the assassination of McKinley, he tried to initiate socialistic changes but couldn’t because of that pesky Constitution. He served another term as a Republican, but lost when he ran later as a Progressive.

Woodrow Wilson firmly embedded socialism (called progressivism) into the Democratic Party. Wilson made “progress” with the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act and instituted a progressive income tax, a redistribution of wealth. The aim was to find ways to circumvent the Constitution. Wilson was a segregationist and approved the segregation of federal employees and the military.

Franklin Roosevelt said that his policies were influenced by Theodore Roosevelt and Wilson. The Great Depression provided his opening. Economist Milton Friedman and former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke agree that actions by the Federal Reserve led to the stock market crash in 1929. Most European countries recovered rapidly while the U.S. remained mired in depression for over a decade.

Desperate people turned to the government to get them out of the mess that was largely caused by government. FDR obliged in spades. While his many agencies did not end the depression, they gave hope and the appearance of helping. FDR, like his other two idols, was thwarted by the Constitution, with some of his ambitious programs being declared unconstitutional.

During FDR’s presidency, Saul Alinsky’s school was training community organizers to use disruptive but legal tactics, with the sole aim of gaining political power. Two of Alinsky’s most famous devotees are Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. Alinsky’s methods were too slow for the Marxist husband-wife team of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, Columbia University professors. Using the Democratic Party as their base, they taught that the way to blow up the Constitution is to create constant chaos, bankrupt the government and collapse the economy; then people will demand the government step in and “save” them.

That’s the plan and they are sticking with it.

Ina Fay Manly


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