March 20, 2013

Letter: Going locally owned

— With the spring season coming up on me so fast it is time to start planning out what I am going to do in my yard. Every year I find things that I want to redo or a project I would like to start. Whether it is starting an herb garden, planting a new flower bed or just deciding how I want to plant my vegetable garden, it is so nice to get outside and experience the peace of working in the yard.

No matter what plants or gardening materials I need, it is always a great experience to get out and shop for something original. That is why I shop locally at Fiddleheads Garden Center. As a citizen of Whitfield County I feel that it is highly important to support local small businesses such as Fiddleheads Garden Center. They and other locally owned businesses offer many qualities that the large chain stores do not.

There are so many options when it comes to shopping at a locally-owned business. If I need something for my yard there is Fiddleheads Garden Center, if I need photographs printed there is Fast Foto, if I need a special event hosted there is Trevitt Hall — these are just a few of my options for shopping locally.

In the culture I currently live in it has become more popular to go with mundane shopping experiences that can be given to the people by large chain stores for the convenience of having all the products they need under one roof. I encourage everyone who happens upon this letter to try to shop at locally-owned businesses as much as they can. The more support the Dalton and Whitfield County areas have for their locally-owned businesses, the better a selection the area will get.

It is all about the advocacy. If potential business owners see that the area supports small businesses they may make the choice to try to bring their business to the area. With the current unemployment rate being at 11.9 percent, new business would be very good for the area.

Beau Patton

Rocky Face