March 12, 2013

Letter: Thanks for the poignant observations

— Mr. Wycherley, the rationale of your satire is greatly appreciated and understood by a great number of us, however lost it is on an even greater number of parasitic barnacles who suck their livelihood from the tax vessel known as the federal government. These people think that the money is magical, it just appears, and has been withheld from them by rich people that at some point stole it from them.

They do not know that people that get up and go to work every morning, or to whatever shift that they work, pay taxes, and that is where a lot of the money comes from, and only Social Security and Medicare money comes from the money that the people getting it paid in for that benefit.

Just in the last few days someone wrote that Social Security and Medicare were given to us by the Democrats and the doctor’s offices and the hospital waiting rooms are full of carpoolers.

Now it seems that if you don’t like rules and laws, just ignore them. If your vote is counted on they don’t apply to you. Why, you can even take the Word of God to task if it reflects badly on something that you feel is OK. If your pastor shares your sentiment there is a verse that covers that, too.

Mr. Wycherley, you give too many facts in your satirical for these folks to comprehend and you didn’t mention how you were taken advantage of.

Thank you, sir, for your poignant observations, and please do not stop as you make even me, a not rich, not Republican, everyday worker that doesn’t think anyone owes me anything that I have not worked for, think about such things.

Jerry Robinson

Rocky Face