October 4, 2013

Letter: Good community citizens

 I would like to recognize the Tunnel Hill Methodist Church. They have a Fellowship Hall that is just beautiful, well equipped and perfect for events. They graciously allow outsiders to use the facility and often at no charge.

My Sunday school class, the Abundant Life Class, at Dalton First United Methodist Church recently participated in “Don’t Go to Church, Be the Church.” It was our pleasure to assist the Travis Stewart family. Mr. Stewart was paralyzed in an automobile accident in April. We worked in a variety of areas to make Mr. Stewart’s home wheelchair accessible, as well as a number of other areas. In addition, we wanted to have a luncheon to honor Mr. Stewart and give our workers an opportunity to meet the entire family. This included his wife, two little girls and some extended family.

Since they live in the Tunnel Hill area we asked permission to have the luncheon in the Tunnel Hill Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. They immediately agreed and made it available to us for two days — one set-up day and the event day, Sept. 29.

They are good community citizens and deserve recognition.

Jean Wise


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