January 24, 2014

Citizens of the Week: Rescue duo

The Daily Citizen

— When Paul Williams Sr. walked outside his home in Ramhurst to check on something earlier this week, he became worried after his Lab husky mix raised up and began growling at him.

When the dog continued growling and looking in the direction of a nearby road, Williams soon realized something was wrong. He looked around but saw nothing.

Williams said he turned back to what he was doing but decided to look into the matter more when Maverick kept growling and looking off into the distance. Finally, Williams heard a voice calling for help. He couldn’t see what was going on, but when he got to Old Federal Road, there, on top of a bridge, was a man who turned out to be one of his neighbors.

The man told Williams he was suffering from a heart attack and needed help. Williams said he called 911 and stayed with the man until emergency responders arrived. He hopes his neighbor, whom he said he didn’t know very well, was able to get the treatment he needed, but he was unable to find out more about what happened.

One thing Williams does know is that if it hadn’t been for Maverick the man might have been there much longer without getting help.

“I say, if it hadn’t been for my dog, I probably wouldn’t have heard it or paid that much attention,” Williams said. “(Maverick) was probably hearing it a long time before I even went outside.”

Williams said the man told him he had been going through some personal issues and there was no one nearby looking after him at the time he began having problems.

“I told him he did have somebody, and he was watching over him, and that was me and the dog, I guess,” Williams said.

For living up to his “man’s best friend” moniker, The Daily Citizen recognizes Maverick as a Citizen of the Week and commends his owner for listening to his cues.