May 1, 2013

Letter: They want to totally disarm you

— After the recent defeat in the U.S. Senate of the proposed Manchin-Toomey amendment to Obama’s gun control bill (SB 649), Obama stormed to the Rose Garden to rant. Ostensibly, the amendment would have extended background checks to all gun purchases made in the USA, including gun shows.

Obama claimed that survey after survey showed that 90 percent of Americans want universal background checks. I find that amazing being as I’ve never seen 90 percent of Americans agree on anything. Who is doing the counting? Joe Biden?

Speaking of Crazy Joe, he appeared to be near tears during Obama’s harangue. Biden about to cry? That’s rich. That’s how I feel every time he opens his mouth.

Obama went on, as usual, to blame the NRA. The NRA, according to Obama, spread the vicious lie that the amendment would lead to a national gun registry. Now, you’ve got to give Obama some credibility here. If anyone knows about lying, it’s him.

Further investigation, however, appears to validate the NRA position.

If you attempt to purchase a gun from a licensed retailer, you will have to fill out ATF Form 4473. You must give your name, address, age, race and a whole lot of other personal information. The dealer will then call the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) hotline. Your name will be run through a database to see if you are a convicted felon or mentally deranged.

If the NICS clears you, the dealer will fill out Part B of the form which lists the make, model and serial number of your firearm. What happens to the Form 4473 after you leave the shop? It’s tossed into the trash, of course. Uh ... well no, actually not. The dealer is required by law to keep it — for 20 years, no less. And, if the dealer goes out of business, he must turn all the 4473s over to the ATF.

My question: How is this not a national gun registry waiting to happen? There must be millions of these forms stashed away in myriad vaults across the country. One executive order by Obama and all the 4473s will end up in Washington.

In fact, is this maybe what the liberals want? They talk and talk about background checks when they actually mean Form 4473s. Remember, liberals are masters of deception: fake right, break left.

So what are they up to? The ultimate liberal mission is, of course, to totally disarm the America people. This may take 20, 50 or 100 years. Liberals don’t care. Their visions are timeless. What better groundwork for their final mission than to know where all the gun owners live.

David Wycherley

Rocky Face