May 13, 2013

Scholar athletes deserve a salute

The Daily Citizen

— In a society that, judging by what they’re paid, places a very high value on those who can perform athletically, it’s comforting to know that in our corner of the world there are some young and athletic people who value brains over their brawn.

This came to light last week when Dalton High School honored 120 scholar athletes at a banquet at the trade center.

And more than a dozen of those students are seniors who earned the honors for each year they were in high school.

To be a scholar athlete, students had to maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average, participate in two or more high school sports and be in good standing with teachers and coaches — all within the same school year.

During the ceremony the words “dedication” and “discipline” were heard quite often, and those words best described the students being honored. To balance good grade averages with at least two sports takes a lot of dedication, discipline and focus, plus a good deal of self-motivation.

Whereas the banquet was to honor the students, it should be noted that these students have many influential people in their lives providing a guiding light, be they parents, teachers, coaches or friends. And many of those scholar athletes paid tribute to them as well as crediting Dalton High, with one student saying, “I’m more blessed to go to a great school.”

To these seniors and the 100-plus underclassmen who are dedicated to improving their minds and bodies, we say congratulations for making our city proud.

And to those who help guide these young people in the right direction, we say thanks for helping turn our attention to good kids who make the most of their gifts to excel on the field and in the classroom. It’s a powerful combination.