March 28, 2013

Letter: The problem is not government

— “Excellent” is the word I would use in response to Christian Hurd’s letter to the editor printed on March 10. Yes, we are all in this together!

With health care expenses being a major reason for bankruptcy in the country, we should all realize that something has to change, and at least the Affordable Health Care Act is a step forward. Good health care should be available to all people in this country — not a “luxury” for the privileged, just as Christian stated in his letter. I’m for universal health care and hope that it will come about soon so that Americans can join the ranks of the modern, industrialized world. Our life span here in this country has continued to shrink with the latest poll ranking the United States at No. 33 in the world, well below those countries with universal health care.

As of now I will continue to vote Democrat, because this is the only party that is standing in the gap for the American people — between caring only for the elite and caring for all of us. All I see the Republican Party leaders are about is saving and/or hiding the 1 or 2 percent’s assets, and since stating this objective wouldn’t exactly be taken well by the majority of American citizens, they hide behind the “emotional,” knee-jerk issues such as abortion and gay rights.

Just as this young man is baffled over the fact that a lot of us are still so prejudiced against our fellow citizens that are different from us, I too question what is right about treating others the way we wouldn’t want to be treated. I love Mother Theresa’s words, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

Because Jesus taught us that the problem is not government, but the heart of its people, then I have to believe in the separation of church and state. I hope and pray we all can work together to become a kind, peace-loving and educated America with religious freedom for everyone.  We have the right to vote and we all must use it. Yes, we’re all in this together.

Thank you, Christian, for reminding us!

Connie McCarthy

Rocky Face