March 9, 2014

Letter: The difference between fair and just

— Fair is a juvenile concept that even the most pedestrian thinker can grasp. It is really nothing more than a word summarizing an emotional reaction based on limited information and flawed logic. It actually has very little to do with justice or bringing about and achieving a just result in any sort of disagreement.

The latter concept requires mature, intelligent, diligent, thorough and dispassionate gathering of evidence with the singular goal to separate fact from fiction. Fair, regrettably, is a word used by politicians, pundits and propagandists to manipulate mass emotion to prop up or tear down a political position the silver-tongued devil wishes to support or oppose. The most vile dictator of the 20th century reached the zenith of leadership over his country by appealing to the lowest common denominators shared by his ethnically conscious countrymen reeling from the national disgrace and humiliation of defeat from World War I, the crippling economic effects of unemployment and hyper-inflation, the easy and popular mass rejection of God’s Tenth Commandment (Thou shall not covet.) and the incredibly unjust targeting of an available scapegoat; the ethnic minority of Jewish people.

The historic fact is one of the main reasons I have become nervous when either side of the political spectrum speaks of fair, as in fair share when what they really mean is government forced redistribution of wealth, or government takeover of wealth from affluent (and even the not so affluent) and only then deciding to whom, how and how much to give or hold back from the less, lesser or least affluent; maybe even ship some out of the country.

This type of government taking has little to do with fair share, especially while the government continues to grow and grow in size, corruption and ever increasing inefficiency. Fair and just are not the same. I again implore my fellow citizens to wake up before it is too late!


David T. Blackburn