March 14, 2014

Citizens of the Week: Women’s Leadership Council members

The Daily Citizen

— Starting up Little Free Libraries — small houses full of books available at dozens of public parks around Whitfield and Murray counties — is a great idea, but it’s also a lot of work.

One morning last week, a group of women helped inch the projects a little closer to reality.

About 20 of the United Way of Northwest Georgia’s Women Leadership Council members met donated their time and efforts to labeling about 1,300 books for the libraries and organizing them by genre and reading level so each Little Free Library will have a variety of reading resources.

Andrea Mansfield of the United Way said the council is a group of women who are community leaders, businesswomen and volunteers who donated at least $1,000 each annually to the United Way and also take on various projects.

The books they labeled will be part of a new system that encourages visitors to take a book and leave another book in its place in an effort to promote literacy in the community.

There are about 300 members of the council. Those who participated in the labeling and sorting workshop were Susan Chandler, Julie Cowan, Heather Donahue, Ava Embry, Tatum Hackney, Teresa Henton, Tina Jones, Jackie McEntire, Sharon Nelson, Janie Osborn, Kathryn Sellers, Renee Shearer, Marg Sherrill, Anita Thornton, Karen Townsend, Kathryn West, Lynn Whitworth, Audrey Williams, JoAnn Williams and Nanette Yarbrough.

For their efforts to help spread literacy and brighten others’ days through reading, The Daily Citizen names the Women’s Leadership Council volunteers Citizens of the Week.