August 27, 2013

Letter: How strange!

— Dalton’s Tea Party had another strange meeting Tuesday.

After an opening prayer and pledge to the flag, attendees heard that different people and organizations get together several times each year and place hundreds of American flags on public property in honor of America’s historical days and our military. Few areas do this.

Next, author Michael Thomas spoke, identifying several of his personal characteristics, for example, Christian, father, black male, etc., and asked others to do the same. Responses included Christian, white male, black female, Republican, Democrat, former Democrat, etc. Mr. Thomas noted it was a diverse audience and folks seemed pleased, but then he indicated that he really wasn’t that fond of diversity, preferring instead unity. A little unexpected.

Author Thomas then proceeded to point out that all present were human, created in the image of our Creator, and although each has different characteristics there are many similarities, suggesting that unity of purpose for a free America will be far more productive than the popular theme of a diversity of cultures.

Another human similarity discussed was that we are all endowed by our Creator with the authority, or right, to choose the force that controls us, but we have the freedom to delegate as much of this authority to others as we wish. For example, we can choose the inner force of our Creator or the external force of man’s government as our controlling factor.

Attendees were then left with the responsibility for making their own choice, but were highly encouraged to make informed choices, especially as to how much authority for control of their lives they wish to delegate to man’s government.

Responsibility for one’s self — how strange!

Frank Barnes