September 12, 2013

A true American leader

The Daily Citizen

— Dalton and northwest Georgia have someone and something very special to celebrate today. Bob Shaw and his company, Engineered Floors, have made an incredible commitment to our area, as outlined in today’s story on the front page.

Shaw could very easily have chosen a neighboring state that is arguably more business friendly with lower corporate taxes and, in a few cases, no state income tax for his new plant. However, his vision is for northwest Georgia.

Moreover, a man in his position could easily at this stage of life have taken the easy way and left a legacy to the area in some pure philanthropic way. Instead, he has chosen to be a true American leader and entrepreneur in every sense of those words and is creating for our community and the families who live in it a hand up in the form of thousands of jobs, and not a handout.

Shaw and Engineered Floors officials believe in Dalton and northwest Georgia and we wish them well in this very competitive industry.