December 6, 2013

Citizens of the Week: Charlie and Henry Edwards

The Daily Citizen

— Last year, Charlie and Henry Edwards decided they wouldn’t just wait on Santa Claus to bring them presents for Christmas. They’d help him out.

“They’ve saved their money from birthdays and from chores and things like that, and they used the money to buy presents for the special needs classes at Park Creek School,” said their mother Lisa, who is an assistant principal at Park Creek.

“They raised $100 last year, and they set a goal of $300 this year. This year they wrote letters to our neighbors to get their support, and they exceeded their goals,” she said.

Charlie, 9, and Henry, 7, raised almost $450.

Edwards said the boys prepared a bag for each student in the special needs classes.

“We had gloves and mittens and some puzzles and balls and things like that,” she said. “My husband and I are taking them shopping to get the bags for this year ready.”

Edwards said the boys came up with the idea after talking to their maternal grandfather Lamarr Henry.

“They just started talking about how fortunate they are and how they have grown up with more things than my dad because he was one of 12 children,” she said. “And that led to a discussion about how it’s important when you have things to give to others.”

This year, the boys also plan on donating some of the money they have raised to the benevolence fund at Brookwood School, which they attend.

“That will be used to buy coats or things like that for children that need them,” Edwards said.

In addition, the two volunteer at Community Christmas, an annual event that provides families with low incomes a way to take classes to earn a ticket to “shop” for a limited number of free toys for their children at a location run by volunteers.

“I’m really proud of them,” Edwards said.

For showing the true spirit of Christmas by helping others, The Daily Citizen names Charlie and Henry Edwards Citizens of the Week.