October 20, 2013

Letter: States, citizens must reassert rights

— Well it looks like our “friends” in Washington have caved. We need to remember that they are not the Republican Party! We are the Republican Party! The fight will go on. We will not let these people take our liberties and flush them down the same toilet they are stuffing the Constitution down.

The main front of this fight needs to move to the state level. Get out there and work to get our message out in every election from second vice dog catcher up to the governor. The states must take control of this situation and reassert the power given to them by the Constitution! South Carolina has already begun this process with bill H. 3101 (interesting read) that will declare Obamacare in violation of the Tenth Amendment. Press your state representatives to support bills like this. State supreme courts need to begin finding federal laws that go too far in violation of the Tenth Amendment also. I know our attorney general is not afraid to confront the federal government.

Most of all we need boots on the ground and people working. The founding fathers gave us the tools to bring about change without resorting to violence. We need to use these tools as much as possible and to every extent possible. Be bold, be informed, be persistent. Don’t be afraid to ruthlessly challenge the liberals’ lies about us. Remember this is our freedom we are talking about!

Mitchell King