October 25, 2013

Letter: Plain wrong

— I am so frustrated at our county commissioners for the latest spending spree. $7.19 million funded totally by taxpayers to create 1,000 jobs? Money to be bonded and paid back by selling land from the Carbondale Business Park.

Taxpayers are already in the hole, with more than $8 million invested in the unfinished business park which has sat mostly idle over two years, and the only business there paid less per acre than the taxpayers, plus got developed for free. The worst part of this deal is the “backup plan.” If we don’t raise revenue from Carbondale, the property taxes will go up again. This is just plain wrong!

Will the Obama mentality ever stop? We’re topping over $25 million in expenses for economic development and little to show for it but foreclosed homes and hundreds of empty buildings in Dalton. Now as a homeowner I feel I am being punished for owning. How many other things could Whitfield County have done with $25 million?

Could someone do the math for me because I just don’t see it.

Dwayne Martin