October 31, 2013

Letter: Thank a retired educator

Gov. Nathan Deal has proclaimed Sunday, Nov. 3, as Retired Educators Day in Georgia. In part, this recognition is given to acknowledge the many contributions that retired educators continue to make to the welfare of their communities across the state. This is especially true in the area of volunteerism, as retired educators donate thousands of hours annually. This is certainly true of those in Dalton, Whitfield County and Murray County.

One of the few characteristics that practically every adult citizen shares is the experience of having attended school, either public or private. Each person can most likely point to the influence that the educators had on their lives. We ask that local citizens in their churches, civic organizations and other groups with which they are affiliated join with Gov. Deal in this recognition. Thank a retired educator for not only their past service, but their present and future contributions.

Terry Phelps, president

Dalton-Whitfield-Murray Retired Educators Association 

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