November 14, 2012

Letter: Victims of liberalism

— I did not see the “Republican ad” that Wilma Gibson read. I am referring to the Letter to the Editor in Sunday’s Daily Citizen.

Gibson surely cares about her country (our country) and is apparently very sincere, even though somewhat confused about the party she represents with regard to her religious beliefs.  She vehemently explained her disgust for the Republican Party, as if the Republicans are creating a divide” from within our country. This is the furthest thing from the mind of any American citizen representing the GOP, just as surely as I would hope any citizen of the Democratic Party.

By her letter, it seems that one would be putting choice of political party before what would appear to be her religious philosophy. This is something of which we all should keep in check. There is no political party without flaws. There are no perfect people in either party. (I surely am not!) There are “church goin’ folk” in every political party, most of which have good intentions.

Jews and Christians alike repeat the Pledge of Allegiance. It is important that we remind ourselves that we are a republic. We are defined from within and from without throughout our country and the world as “The United States of America.”

It seems that each time someone from either party writes something like this that so often they will quote Scripture from the Bible to justify their feelings. The writer of the aforementioned letter obviously did not see the Democratic convention where they ruled/voted initially to leave God off the Democratic platform and also they chose to rule that Jerusalem is not recognized as the capital of Israel.

There are those within our nation who are being held in slavery to government handouts and entitlements. They have become victims of the advancement of liberalism within the Democratic Party.

The federal government continues to be the “enabler,” like a drug user who becomes addicted to the bondage of drugs, and the “dealer” continues supplying his/her “fix.”

There is a political assault on the Constitution to deny the rights of its citizens. “Handouts” are not the answer to dignity and prosperity.

My desire is that the citizens who have become addicted will realize that for them to enjoy prosperity they must have a renewed will to work and know that the greatest asset that the government can help them with is “job opportunity.” The answer is not the federal government, nor the president, but to realize they will not prosper until they see the need to put “first things first (God, family and country).”


Paul A. Tipton