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November 29, 2012

Letter: Recitation does not equal well-informed

Defending a position we have taken is usually the hill we choose to die on, especially in politics and religion, as evidenced by recent, and obviously heartfelt, letters to the editor concerning a political ad.

In viewing the ad, a writer justified feeling offended by reciting some facts crafted in timeworn political party talking points and supported by selected scriptural quotations. Another writer, not having seen the ad but responding to the first writer, expressed concern that we Americans are placing government ahead of God — our Creator — and that since governments are comprised of humans, they are flawed. Biblical events, plus recorded secular history, do provide ample proof that mankind without God fails.

Religious leaders and church institution attendees are usually able to recite biblical passages. Those with political interests are likewise able to recite a political party’s talking points. Reciting either a particular piece of Scripture or a political talking point does not make me well-informed. A parrot can be taught recitation!

Frank Barnes


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