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December 6, 2012

Letter: Be aware of Elderly Exemptions

This is in reference to a recent discussion in the Forum concerning an “Elderly Exemption” on property taxes. The editor instructed the person to file for a “Homestead Exemption” — period. Shame on him for thinking he knows it all and not publishing my reply about the elderly exemptions that are available to many taxpayers. Many elderly homeowners do not know about these exemptions and there could possibly be a substantial dollar deduction from their taxes especially the age 70 exemption.

This information is very important and needs to be passed on to those who may not be aware of the Elderly Exemptions.  

Yes, there is Homestead Exemption that most homeowners can apply for. In other words there is no age limit on just the Homestead Exemption. So if I were the 80-year-old woman who was asking about the elderly exemption and I read his reply in the Forum to ask for the Homestead Exemption, I might just think, well, I already have homestead exemption, (and if I did not know about the Elderly Exemption), I might not realize that I needed to go to back to the courthouse and apply for the elderly exemptions at ages 65 and again at age 70.

There are many exemptions available which can be found on the Whitfield County Georgia Department of Revenue Local Ad Valorem Tax Facts, but I am only referring to three of those exemptions in this letter and they are:

1. Regular Homestead Exemption

2. Elderly Exemption “SC” for age 65

3. Elderly Exemption “SC7” for age 70

Sandra Ridley


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