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January 8, 2013

Letter: Protection against evil

In the last couple of weeks, gun control has become a popular issue. Following such a tragic event, everyone is quick to offer a “cause” or “reason” for the problem. We all want something to be fixed to prevent future tragedies.

Evil began when Eve ate the apple, and evil will continue until the end of time. We could create law after law, but evil will still occur.

Even without guns, mass tragedies and death can occur. Recently, 22 children were wounded at a school in China by a man with a knife. In Michigan in 1927, 38 children and six adults were killed when the caretaker used explosives to blow up the school.

People who do these evil acts are not concerned with laws. Murder is illegal, yet this does not deter them. But many lawmakers and many Americans seem to think more laws are the answer. Even if you were to outlaw every gun, these evil people will find a way to carry out their plan. Instead of punishing law-abiding citizens by taking away their guns, which are guaranteed by the Second Amendment, we should focus our efforts elsewhere.

When I heard the stories about the teachers in Connecticut giving their lives to protect their students, I couldn’t help but think what if one of them had a gun? Would they have been able to stop this tragedy? My oldest daughter will start kindergarten next year and I would feel safer knowing that the people that care for my daughter would be able to protect her.

Instead of trying to take our guns away, we should truly focus on protecting our children and family members. Let our teachers, if they choose, be armed. First, they should obtain their concealed carry permit. Second, there should be a safety course which should be required prior to carrying their weapon on school grounds.

I agree with the National Rifle Association (NRA) that we should have an armed person in every building. But how easy would it be for an assailant to take that one person out prior to executing their plan? That plan would be a lot more difficult if there was the possibility that any of the educators were also armed.

There are many topics we could discuss surrounding recent events, however, the most important topic at this time is keeping our children safe. Do not create laws and take away rights of American citizens. Allow American citizens, including educators, their constitutional rights and allow them to be able to protect themselves and others against evil.

Amy Holloway


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