January 29, 2013

Letter: Living in harmony with one another

I am aware, as are many, that our climate is changing, and want to be a better steward of this Earth while I am here. Knowing the native peoples have sacred traditions and knowledge and that they understand the import of the present times, I thought I might share a few of their prophecies and their warnings about the dangers we face. These voices are important for us to hear because they speak from the hearts that have tried to remain true to their sacred teachings: to live in the way of brotherhood and simplicity, establishing harmony with one another and with all living things.

This is what they say:

• We are entering a time of purification and can expect to witness chaos and destruction in all the kingdoms of nature.

• It’s a time for reuniting of the races. Barriers of religion and nationality will begin to fall as all people realize their essential unity.

• We must heal the damage done to Mother Earth, the source of life, and recognize that all living things are endowed with spirit.

How profoundly and thoughtfully offered, may we all recognize the wisdom of their offerings.

Joan McGovern


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