November 17, 2012

Citizen of the Week: Cal Price

Twenty dollars can seem like a big payday for a 9-year-old like Cal Price.

Several kids would think about buying a new toy or a cheap video game with such money. However, after getting paid for doing household chores like cleaning his room, Cal wanted to find a way to give back to the community instead.

“Cal asked his parents (Jean Garland and Christy Price) where he could donate the money to help people,” Amanda Burt, president of the United Way of Northwest Georgia, said. “Jean contacted us and said he wanted to find a place he could give back so we set up a time for him to come over. I explained donations to him and he helped us out. He’s a very generous young man.”

Twenty dollars is a big donation, said Burt, especially when it comes from the heart.

“It’s just so special,” she said. “I’m a parent myself, and to be able to share with my kids that someone their own age gave their allowance away for other people — well, it means a lot. Anyone could have gone out and bought themselves something, but Cal stopped and thought about people who were hungry or who needed a place to stay. He stopped and thought of someone beyond himself and that is a great example to others.”

It’s great timing, too, Burt added.

“Most kids are making a Christmas list right now,” she said. “Cal was thinking of someone else during the holidays. It’s huge and it’s heartfelt and it’s a great testament that we (society) do have a bright future and that there are young people who find it important to help the community.”

Cal’s donation will help the United Way offer education, income stability and health-related support to people in the community who are struggling to meet the basic needs of life.

“He’s a great little man and we’re so proud of him,” Christy Price said. “He’s ahead of his time for his maturity level.”

For his charitable giving, and for thinking of others before himself, The Daily Citizen names Cal Price Citizen of the Week.

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