November 29, 2012

Letter: Am I devastated? No.

Following the recent presidential election a friend asked me if I was “sick” about the outcome. I didn’t know how to answer her then, but I’ve had plenty of time to think about it. I am sad and disappointed but not sick, devastated, discouraged or surprised. My beloved country is turning away from Christian morals and values and embracing secularism.

I accept that Barack Obama is president of the U.S. and I respect that office, but I do not have to quietly accept his vision for this country. The Democratic platform on which President Obama was re-elected speaks to values that are foreign to my Christian faith and I claim my right to say so. In addition to proposing to legalize gay marriage nationally and supporting abortion at any stage of pregnancy regardless of ability to pay, conventioneers clearly voiced their objection to any mention of God in their platform.

Several more states voted to legalize homosexual marriage. In some of those states, they also voted to decriminalize the use of marijuana. In states that pitted pro-life candidates against pro-choice, abortion candidates won. This easy acceptance of anti-Christian moral beliefs is a symptom of a changing cultural landscape.

Obama’s re-election was celebrated by mainstream broadcasters who worked tirelessly to label conservatives — especially Christian conservatives and tea partiers — as extreme, foolish, weird, uninformed, stupid, racist, out of touch, uncaring, hypocritical, meanspirited, ad nauseam. Now it’s time for Christian conservatives to show our true colors. While we may feel like strangers in our own country, we are not helpless, hopeless or depressed. Of all people in the world we are the ones with strength, hope and joy because we look forward to citizenship in God’s kingdom. All “earthly kingdoms” in the past became corrupt, declined and, over time, failed. If history is a teacher, then the United States will eventually follow that path.

The job of all Christians now is to pray earnestly for President Obama because he is the one chosen by the voters. He will need wisdom in making decisions that affect our country and perhaps the whole world. We have learned that it is foolish to pin our hopes and desires in patriotism and politics. We will turn to our faith which is rooted in knowledge that our God, through acceptance of Jesus as savior, is still in charge.

Ina Fay Manly


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