June 17, 2014

Misty Watson: A bittersweet, nervous, excited, hopeful feeling

Misty Watson

— So it seems like most of you have already heard the news — considering I’ve been bombarded with emails, Facebook messages and even face-to-face conversations about it.

Today is my last day at the newspaper.

Some of you don’t seem to be taking this news too well. Of course, some of you seem to be rejoicing you don’t have to read any more of my “can’t-we-all-just-get-along-and-love-each-other-for-who-we-are” or “cooking-with-butter-doesn’t-make-you-Southern” columns.

After 10 years here full time, plus three months as an intern while I was still in college, I will be moving on. I’m leaving the world of newspapers. But I’ll still be around, and I’ll still get to use the talents God blessed me with. You’ll still get to read my writing and see my photos.

Beginning Monday I will be the communications manager in the communications and marketing department at Dalton State College. Beep, beep!

I’m feeling all the new things you feel when you start a new job — giddy, nervous, excited, hopeful and a little sleepy. (Well, that last one has more to do with being the mom of a toddler, I guess.)  

It’s bittersweet to be leaving The Daily Citizen.

I began here straight out of college as the Murray County reporter in May 2004 (I moved to photography a few years later, and most recently worked a split position as a reporter/photographer). Since then I’ve met so many amazing people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, including my husband.

Thank you all for letting me into your life even if our encounter was brief. I’m pretending like I never had any negative encounters with people. It was all freshly baked cookies and kitten snuggles, even when a man told me angrily he would’ve punched me in the nose had I been a man. (I have never been so thankful a man was sexist.)

I’ve struggled with the right words of wisdom or last thought to leave you with. It all seems cheesy or forced, which doesn’t suit me at all. Um, well, OK. Maybe I’m sometimes cheesy, but not in the “starting a new chapter of my life” blah, blah, blah stuff.

I’ve decided since the No. 1 — by far — response I get to my columns is “I love the columns you write about your daughter,” I’d better include a little on how Sophie is doing.

After being in private care for the last couple of years, we made the hard decision to move her to day care. It wasn’t our first choice or what we had hoped for, but it’s how things worked out. She has made the transition beautifully — if beautifully means clinging to us screaming, “No Mommy work today!” (That’s normal for a 2.5-year-old, right?)

I’m told once we’re out of sight, she loves it there. And Sophie comes home every day telling me how much fun she had with her teacher and friends, and what she did each day. Plus, when I pick her up, she doesn’t want to leave.

I’m thinking she’s just not a morning person, just like her mother. But I promise to never wake her up with a cowbell, which was a favorite tool in my family to get me out of bed. Ugh. I still shudder at the sound of a cow bell.

And we’re all excited about my new job, which comes with a new schedule that puts us home together as a family more often.

I welcome the change, and I’m ready to move forward.

Murray County native Misty Watson has been a staff writer and photographer for The Daily Citizen for the last 10 years. You can connect with her at facebook.com/MistyWatsonDCN or on Twitter, @mistydwatson.