May 5, 2012

North Georgia Speedway will break for a month

By Devin Golden

— North Georgia Speedway will be closed for the rest of the month due to upkeep with the track, but racing will return in June.

Keiff Ellis, the dirt track’s promoter, said a number of upgrades and maintenance will take place to improve the Chatsworth speedway, including a new timing system for the qualifying part of each race.

“We’re going to redo the scoreboard, and the track has been coming apart so we needed to do some upkeep to make sure it doesn’t come apart,” Ellis said. “On the timing system, we have a 15-inch running display that will be going up so when a car is qualifying, everyone can see the number as it is going.”

The track was already going to be closed this weekend due to several other big races taking place and would be closed for Mother’s Day weekend, which is May 14-15.

“This weekend’s race is a conflict with Talladega, so it didn’t make sense to run it,” said Ellis, who stressed that the speedway was not closing permanently. “This whole thing has been a learning experience. We have some things we need to do with the track and we’ll be back up and running.

Ellis said the attendance and driver turnout thus far for the 2012 season has been positive “except for the last race. The last one dropped off.”

The next race, on June 2, will be a $3,000 purse Super Late Model race, with the Southern Regional Racing Series making a stop at the track.