August 6, 2013

DPD investigates theft of truck

The Dalton Police Department is asking for information from the public about the owner of a tow truck which was used to steal an antique truck from a garage late last month. The incident was recorded by a neighbor’s surveillance system.

The theft happened shortly after 10:30 a.m. on July 28 at 129 Grace St. A white tow truck with black stripes was used to drag out and then tow away the stolen vehicle, a green 1955 Chevrolet C3100 pickup truck. The stolen truck, which has Georgia tag number BZT6617, had been parked on the property in a three-sided carport which was visible from the street. The truck was inoperable and had been parked in the carport for several years.  

Anyone with information about this incident or the owner of the rollback tow truck is asked to please contact Detective Sam Eaton at (706) 278-9085, ext. 158.


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