August 8, 2013

Stolen truck found; confusion continues

A tow truck driver who police said unknowingly hauled off a stolen vehicle turned himself in to authorities after learning he was wanted for questioning.

Dalton Police Department officials said in a press release the tow truck operator isn’t suspected of any wrongdoing, but authorities are still investigating exactly what happened. Police sent out a media alert on Tuesday asking for help locating a green 1955 Chevrolet C3100 pickup truck they said was stolen from a resident’s garage last month.

“The driver of the tow truck involved saw a news report with the picture of his truck that night and called our detective and told him that he was hired to tow the truck from Dalton to Chattanooga by a man who claimed he’d bought it,” said police spokesman Bruce Frazier.

“He produced a bill of sale which the tow truck driver photographed and showed to our detective. The tow truck driver took our detective to the location in Chattanooga where he delivered the pickup truck.  The resident there claimed he had sold the truck to a resident of Murray County, and when detectives went to check the report they found the stolen pickup abandoned on the side of the road.”

The truck has been returned to the owner. Frazier said no one has been charged, and police are still investigating.

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