September 25, 2013

‘I felt like he was going to run over me’

Man jailed after high speed chase

Rachel Brown

— A Murray County Sheriff’s Office sergeant said he fired his weapon after he feared a man he chased down was about to run over him with his car Tuesday afternoon.

No one was hurt, but Danny Frank Bramblett, 58, of 1237 North Pass, Chatsworth, is in the Murray County jail on numerous traffic charges plus aggravated assault on a police officer after officials say he clipped an officer’s patrol vehicle and drove toward him while the officer was outside his vehicle. The Georgia State Patrol is investigating and could press additional charges.

Sgt. Jody Webb of the Murray County Sheriff’s Office said he was running radar on Ga. Highway 76 when he clocked a vehicle doing 76 mph in a 55 mph zone. Webb said he tried to the stop the car when it pulled onto Ga. 52 Alternate, cut off a vehicle and took off. Webb said he lost the car at that point but stayed in the area and eventually spotted it again.

“When I hit the blue lights (and) sirens, he took off,” Webb said.

He said the chase wove through several side roads in the Tibbs Bridge Road area including Callie Jones Road and Barney Pierce Road. At one point, Webb said, Bramblett went behind some trailers and “made a big circle in their yard.” Then he veered his car toward Webb’s car, the officer said.

“I thought he was going to hit me head on coming at me,” Webb said.

Webb said he was able to veer to one side, and Bramblett’s car clipped his as Bramblett got away again. As the chase continued onto Keith Mill Road, Bramblett eventually wrecked again. Webb said he tried to push Bramblett’s car off the road to get him to stop, then Webb jumped out. At that point, Webb said, Bramblett came toward him in his vehicle.

“I felt like he was going to run over me, so I fired a shot trying to stop him,” Webb said.

Webb said the shot — he said he was aiming for the tires — missed, and he isn’t sure where it landed. Bramblett turned away and kept going, but some other officers put out spike strips and were able to puncture Bramblett’s tires, he said. Bramblett was eventually caught on Tibbs Bridge Road at about 2 p.m.

No one was hurt. Webb said there is a little front end damage to the bumper on his patrol vehicle.

Details weren’t immediately available, but Bramblett has been in the Murray County jail before, and Webb said officials are looking into whether he was involved in a hit and run in Whitfield County earlier in the day.

“I think he had made a comment earlier in the day he wasn’t going back to jail,” Webb said.