April 24, 2014

Dalton police rule out men in surveillance photos as suspects in credit card case

Two men whose photos were publicized as suspected credit card thieves didn’t commit that crime, police said Thursday.

On April 16, the Dalton Police Department sent out a press release and surveillance photos of two men in baseball caps to area news media and asked for the public’s help in identifying them.

 “The victim reported to police that her unlocked car was entered in the parking lot of the New York Pizza at 101 E. Walnut Ave. on the evening of March 5,” the press release said. “Taken from her car were her brown Relic purse and Relic pocketbook among other items.”

The release stated that by the time she contacted her bank to cancel her cards, they had already been used at the Kangaroo convenience store on East Walnut Avenue. Police obtained surveillance footage and asked for the public’s help locating two men in baseball caps.

Police Department spokesman Bruce Frazier said on Thursday that the men in the photos contacted the investigator “and have been ruled out as suspects in the case.”

“The card that they used belonged to them,” Frazier said. “The stolen card was apparently used at the same time at an ATM in a different area of the store. We do not have video of that transaction.”

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