December 22, 2013

Whitfield County Recreation Department results for Dec. 13-19

From Staff Reports

— The Whitfield County Recreation Department continued its youth basketball league season with games on Dec. 13-19. Scores and outstanding performers included:

7-8 girls

Eastbrook Wildcats, New Hope/Pleasant Grove Cheetahs: (E) — Lazeth Cortez, four points; Megan Dunn, four points. (NH/PG) — Kinsley Johnson, three points; Aspen Williams, best defender.

New Hope/Pleasant Grove Cheetahs, Beaverdale Wildcats: (NH/PG) — Sydney Dean, two points; Kinsley Johnson, two points; Caroline Buckner, best defender. (B) — Shea Poe, seven points; Caroline Reed, two points.

Tunnel Hill Lightning, Westside Rockets: (TH) — Cadence Blackwell, six points; Aubre Rann, best defender. (W) — Lexi Lyon, five points.

7-8 boys

Eastbrook Mustangs, Tunnel Hill Knicks: (E) — Alan Gonzalez , four points. (TH) — JD Ellis, four points.

Valley Point Waves, Varnell Navy Colts: (VP) — Coy Jones, 15 points.

Cohutta Bulldogs, Cohutta Heat: (Heat) — Jaxon Phillips, 10 points.

Valley Point Waves, Cohutta Heat: (VP) — Christopher Duarte, 10 rebounds; Coy Jones, four points. (C) — Lucas Kinsey, outstanding player.

New Hope White Grizzlies, Eastbrook Mustangs: (NH) — Justin Gembe, one point; Benny Olalde, one point. (E) — Bryson Durham, seven points; Matthew Wilcox, five points.

Beaverdale Wildcats, Cohutta Bulldogs: (B) — Luke Swiney, eight points; Keith Collins, six points; Bailey Stroud, four points.

Tunnel Hill Knicks, New Hope Orange Grizzlies: (TH) — Asa Putnam, eight points; J.D. Ellis, six points. (NH) — Hudson Gray, four points; Jon Richards, four points.

9-10 girls

Cohutta Purple Panthers 20, Tunnel Hill Lady Bruins 8: (C) — Bayleigh Choate, 12 points; Nicole Thurman, four points. (TH) — Mia Gale, four points.

Westside Lady Rockets 22, Beaverdale Wildcats 21: (W) — Karlie Brewster, eight points; Leticia Coronel, seven points; Vanessa Coronel, five points. (B) — Emma Snyder, 13 points.

Eastbrook Raiders 18, New Hope Grizzlies 14: (E) — Lisette Gomez, nine points. (NH) — Kaylee Cameron, eight points.

Varnell Blackouts 23, New Hope/Pleasant Grove Cheetahs 14: (V) — Emalee Stevens, 10 points; Kenley Woods, eight points; Daniella Rodriguez, five points. (NH/PG) — Gracie Young, 10 points.

New Hope Grizzlies 20, Cohutta Purple Panthers 17: (NH) — Kaylee Cameron, 11 points; Jocelyn Torres, five points. (C) — Bayleigh Choate, nine points.

Westside Lady Rockets 27, Eastbrook Storm 16: (W) — Vanessa Coronel, 13 points; Karlie Brewster, six points. (E) — Jadyn Bennett, eight points; Storm Wilson, six points.

Tunnel Hill Lady Bruins 27, Valley Point Lady Waves 19: (TH) — Kaylie Bandy, eight points; Acelynn Sellers, seven points; Mia Gale, six points; Emma Riddley, six points. (VP) — Reilly Grady, nine points; Siryah Taylor, six points.

Eastbrook Raiders 22, Varnell Blackouts 15: (EB) — Lissette Gomez, 16 points; Madison Powell, six points. (V) — Kenley Woods, eight points; Daniella Rodriguez, five points.

9-10 boys

Valley Point Bulls 24, Eastbrook Heat 2 17: (VP) — C.J. Watkins, 20 points. (E) — Manny Dominguez, 12 points.

Valley Point Waves 23, Eastbrook Heat 1 22: (VP) — Cobey Patterson, eight points; Victor Arrellin, six points; Xzabian Thompson, six points. (E) — Tristan Howard, 11 points.

Westside Rockets 29, Tunnel Hill Thunder 24: (W) — Karter Montgomery, 17 points; Collin Meason, eight points. (TH) — Jacob Corbin, 10 points; Javin Price, six points.

Eastbrook Heat 1 34, Tunnel Hill Tornados 14: (E) — Quinton Griggs, 12 points; Matthew Brock, 11 points; Conner Thurman, six points. (TH) — Jacob Hardin, 10 points.

Tunnel Hill Thunder 26, Eastbrook Heat 2 10: (TH) — Grayson Smith, 10 points; Silas Harrud, six points; Javin Price, six points.

Pleasant Grove Eagles 24, Varnell Broncos 7: (PG) — Matthew Redmond, 10 points; Brayden Morrison, nine points.

Beaverdale Black Wildcats 33, New Hope Grizzlies 27: (B) — Cam Souther, 20 points; Colt Souther, six points. (NH) — Ben Glines, 10 points; Hayden Maynard, seven points.

Beaverdale Blue Wildcats 26, Cohutta Heat 10: (B) — Devan Henry, 12 points; Patton Rector, eight points; Robby Wiggins, five points. (C) — Brent Rodgers, six points.

New Hope Cubs 30, Varnell Vipers 9: (NH) — Ryan Womac, 11 points; Luke Blanchard, seven points; Jax Brooker, five points. (V) — Will Jennings, five points.

Beaverdale Navy Wildcats 29, Beaverdale Blue Wildcats 1: (Navy) — Keaton McQuaig, 10 points; Will Locke, eight points; Lucas Mulkey, six points.

Cohutta Dawgs 24, Beaverdale Navy Wildcats 21: (C) — Kipp Coker, 14 points. (B) — Dylan Viars, eight points; Will Bates, six points.

Westside Rockets 30, Valley Point Bulls 20: (W) —  Collin Meason, 13 points; Karter Montgomery, 13 points. (VP) — C.J. Watkins, 18 points.

Westside Attack 31, Tunnel Hill Tornados 15: (W) — Matthew Crane, 10 points; Will Anderson, nine points; Colin Hall, eight points. (TH) — Jacob Hardin, 15 points.

New Hope Grizzlies 32, Varnell Broncos 24: (NH) — Stephen Streett, 13 points; Hayden Maynard, seven points; Alex Buckelew, six points; Ryan Langford, best defender. (V) — Mario Edwards, 10 points; Austin Adams, six points.

Westside Attack 28, Christian Heritage Lions 12: (W) — Tucker Johnson, 10 points; Colin Hall, eight points. (CH) — Wilson Tatum, six points.

Eastbrook Heat1 23, Eastbrook Heat 2 17: (Heat 2) — Manny Dominguez, six points.

Christian Heritage Lions 20, Tunnel Hill Thunder 15: (CH) — Landon Painter, 10 points; (TH) — Grayson Smith, seven points.

Beaverdale Black Wildcats 28, Varnell Vipers 27: (B) — Cam Souther, 11 points; Tyson King, nine points; Colt Souther, six points. (V) — Will Jennings, 10 points; Beau Goodwin, nine points.

New Hope Cubs 41, Cohutta Heat 11: (NH) — Luke Blanchard, 11 points; Jax Brooker, 10 points; Ryan Womac, 10 points. (C) — C.J. Caudill, seven points.

Pleasant Grove Eagles 32, Cohutta Dawgs 29: (PG) — Matthew Redmond, 28 points. (C) — Kip Coker, 15 points; Elliot Green, 11 points.

11-12 girls

Tunnel Hill Blazers 36, Eastbrook Lady Raiders 7: (TH) — Shelby Woods, 10 points; Hallie Harrison, eight points; Kate Burton, six points; Lindsey Guess, six points.

Westside Storm 23, Beaverdale Black Wildcats 3: (W) — Tionna Baker, seven points; Alexie Edwards, six points; Sarah Crawford, five points; Destin Russell, five points.

Cohutta Lady Dawgs 20, Dawnville Heat 6: (C) — Kelsey Martain, six points.

Dug Gap Roadrunners 49, Dawnville Heat 11: (DG) — Haddiue Chambless, 12 points, Emily Idom, 10 points; Keen Johnson, nine points; Myah Bishop, eight points.

Westside Storm 25, Valley Point Vipers 0: (W) — Tionna Baker, six points; Alexie Edwards, six points; Tatum Poe, five points; Jordan Baker and Sam Jones, best defenders.

New Hope Orange Grizzlies 21, Beaverdale Black Wildcats 5: (NH) — Molly Middleton, eight points; Payton Tuder, six points.

Dug Gap Roadrunners 22, New Hope White Grizzlies 7: (DG) — Zoe Dales, eight points; Haddie Chambless, five points; Emily Idom, five points.

New Hope Orange Grizzlies 40, Valley Point Vipers 4: (NH) — Charly Cameron, 14 points; Molly Middleton, 12 points; Shannon Ledford, eight points.

Tunnel Hill Blazers 21, Beaverdale Wildcats 7: (TH) — Shelby Woods, eight points; Kate Burton, four points; Lindsey Guess, four points.

Westside Rockets 36, Eastbrook Lady Raiders 5: (W) — Mikayla Ehelers, 22 points; Carlee Holmes, nine points. (E) — Marley Thomas, five points.

Tunnel Hill Blazers 32, Valley Point Vipers 5: (TH) — Shelby Woods, 14 points; Kate Burton, 10 points; Lindsey Guess, four points; Jade Watkins, four points.

New Hope White Grizzlies 16, Cohutta Lady Bulldogs 11: (NH) — Ashley Upton, eight points. (C) — Abby Young, five points.

11-12 boys

Valley Point Celtics 20, Westside Bruins 17: (VP) — Adam Sowder, seven points; Scotty Wilcox, six points. (W) — Hank Bearden, eight points; Noah Newman, six points.

Varnell Colts 16, Christian Heritage Gold 12: (V) — Gage Seiblenhener, eight points.

Cohutta Bulldogs 24, Pleasant Grove Eagles 11: (C) — Irvin Hernandez, 11 points; Ryan Owens, six points.

Christian Heritage Gold 28, Westside Bruins 25: (CH) — John Ross, 13 points; Logan Palmer, nine points. (W) — Noah Newman, nine points; Reede Chadwick, six points; Hank Bearden, five points.

New Hope White Grizzlies 32, Cohutta Bulldogs 20: (NH) — Will Buckner, 14 points; D.J. Hutchinson, 10 points. (C) — Ryan Owens, six points.

New Hope Orange Grizzlies 57, Beaverdale Bucks 19: (NH) — Emmanuel Washington, 16 points; Bryce Mantooth, nine points; Bryson Cox, eight points; Luke Gentry, six points; Kooper Pardee, six points. (B) — Sam Reed, nine points; Walker Wilson, eight points.

New Hope White Grizzlies 27, Varnell Colts 18: (NH) — D.J. Hutchinson, nine points; Will Buckner, seven points. (V) — Boone Creswell, six points.

Varnell Colts 28, Varnell Thunder 25: (Colts) — Jack Brock, 11 points; Gage Sebenheiner, nine points; Ethan Locklear, four points. (Thunder) — Blane Greene, 16 points; Kobe McCall, seven points.

Westside Warriors 28, Christian Heritage Crimson 25: (W) — Jager Dickson, 10 points; Will Helton, nine points; Billy Robison, six points. (CH) — Sam Tidwell, 13 points; Evan Lester, six points.

Westside Heat 25, Christian Heritage Gold 23: (W) — Caleb Nix, seven points; Callen Nealy, six points. (CH) — Peter Gbenle, six points; John Ross, six points; Logan Palmer, five points.

Eastbrook Heat 18, Westside Hawks 17: (E) — Bryson Waters, eight points. (W) — Callen Amos, six points.

Valley Point Celtics 23, Eastbrook Heat 13: (VP) — Adam Sowder, seven points; Scotty Wilcox, six points. (E) — Bryson Waters, seven points; Chewy Moya, six points.

Christian Heritage Crimson 28, Westside Heat 19: (CH) — Nash Bingham, seven points; Evan Lester, six points; Sam Tidwell, five points. (W) — Caleb Nix, nine points.

Westside Warriors 39, Westside Hawks 4: (Warriors) — Jager Dickson, 14 points; Billy Robison, six points; Will Helton, 10 points.

Pleasant Grove Eagles 32, Beaverdale Wildcats 28: (PG) — Jeffery Edwards, 10 points; Damien Seritt, 10 points. (B) — Walker Wilson, 11 points; Brayden Rymer, 10 points; Sam Reed, seven points.