October 6, 2013

Whitfield County Recreation Department results for Sept. 19-30


9-10 division

Cardinals 31, Falcons 0: (C) — Henry Bethel, three touchdown runs; Karim Paise, two touchdown runs.

Longhorns 15, Colts 14: (L) — Malachi Hill, two touchdown runs. (C) — Christopher McDade, one touchdown run; Michael McDade, one touchdown run.

Panthers 29, Saints 0: (P) — Micah Richardson, three touchdown runs; Draylen Morris, one touchdown run.

Cardinals 20, Longhorns 14: (L) — Ashton Blackwell, two touchdown runs. (C) — Henry Bethel, two touchdown runs; Parker Adams, one touchdown run.

Colts 44, Panthers 0: (C) — Rayleigh Morrison, one touchdown run; Journey Boston, three touchdown runs; Michael McDade, one touchdown run; Christopher McDade, one touchdown run.

Falcons 48, Saints 6: (F) — Jahddius Bailey-Davis, one touchdown run; Dashaun Jackson, one touchdown run; Issac Meza, two touchdown runs; Jonah Paniagua, one touchdown run. (S) — Mason Turner, one touchdown run.

Longhorns 35, Panthers 8: (L) — Ashton Blackwell, two touchdown runs; Malachi Hill, one touchdown run; Domonique Simpson, one touchdown run. (P) — Garret Smith, one touchdown run.

Cardinals 43, Saints 0: (C) — Parker Adams, three touchdown runs; Henry Bethel, one touchdown run; Orlando Santiago Martinez, one touchdown run.

Colts 16, Falcons 8: (F) — Jahddius Bailey-Davis, one touchdown run. (C) — Journey Boston, two touchdown runs.

Colts 24, Cardinals 6: (Cardinals) — Henry Bethel, one touchdown run. (Colts) — Michael McDade, two touchdown runs. Christopher McDade, two touchdown runs.

Falcons 16, Panthers 6: (P) — Micah Richardson, one touchdown run. (F) — Jonah Paniagua, one touchdown run; Issac Meza, one touchdown run.

Longhorns 37, Saints 0: (L) — A.J Hernandez, one touchdown run; Derek Miglia, one touchdown run; Ashton Blackwell, two touchdown runs; Clay Walker, one touchdown run.

The Whitfield County Recreation Department continued its youth football season with games on Sept. 23-28. Results and outstanding performers included:

7-8 Bantam

Beaverdale Wildcats 35, West Whitfield Predators 0: (B) — A.J. Hensley, three rushing touchdowns; Tyson King, one rushing touchdown; Payton Gordon, one rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (B) — Robbie Wiggins; (WW) — Nathan Tilley. Defensive standouts: (B) — Eldon Cochran, (WW) — Caden Coker and Chase Cornelison.

Westside Rockets 26, Varnell Colts 6: (W) — Dawson Wheeler, two rushing touchdowns; Austin Cooley, one rushing touchdown; Matthew Crane, one rushing touchdown. (V) — Shyne Vinyard, one rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (W) — Caid Combs, (V) — Bradyen Tate. Defensive standouts: (W) — Avery Spawn, (V) — River Blankenship.

Eastbrook Falcons 34, New Hope Blue Grizzlies 6: (E) — Brett Cole, one rushing touchdown. Manny Dominguez, two rushing touchdowns. Bryson Durham, one rushing touchdown and one interception return for a touchdown. (NH) — Chase Ward, one rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (EB) — Fidel Hernandez, (NH) — Chase Ward. Defensive standouts: (EB) — Bretton Johnson.

Beaverdale Wildcats 27, Varnell Colts 0: (B) — Payton Gordon, three rushing touchdowns; AJ Hensley, one rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (V) — Brayden Carney, (B) — Ike Ralston. Defensive standouts: (V) — Bradyn Lofty, (B) — Jacob Layman.

Cohutta 13, Eastbrook 13: (C) — Alex Miranda, one rushing touchdown. (E) — Manny Dominguez, one rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (C) — Draven Green, (E) — Hunter Cornette. Defensive standouts: (C) — Aaron Coker, (E) — Christian Riggins.

West Whitfield Predators 13, Valley Point Green Machine 0: (W) — Chase Cornelison, two rushing touchdowns. Offensive standouts: (W) — Kye Powers, (VP) — Aldon Patterson. Defensive standouts: (W) — Chase Cornelison, (VP) — Josh Palham.

New Hope White Grizzlies 27, Westside Rockets 0: (NH) — Hudson Gray, two rushing touchdowns; Will Douglas, one touchdown; Fletcher Reed, one touchdown. Offensive standouts: (W) — Colter Harrington, (NH) — Hudson Gray. Defensive standouts: (W) — Jayden Mitchell, (NH) — James Marcum.

New Hope White Grizzlies 6, Cohutta Bulldogs 0: (NH) — Luke Blanchard, one rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (NH) — Justin Gembe, (C) — Lucas Kinsey. Defensive standouts: (NH) — Gyan Gomez, (C) — Eion Keener.

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