October 13, 2013

Whitfield County Recreation Department results for Sept. 30-Oct. 3

The Whitfield County Recreation Department continued its youth football season with its third week of games on Sept. 30-Nov. 3. Results and outstanding performers included:

7-8 division

Eastbrook Falcons 26, Westside Rockets 0: (E) — Manny Dominguez, two rushing touchdowns; Brett Cole, rushing touchdown; Brayden Miles, rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (E) — Luke Newton, (W) — Matthew Crane. Defensive standouts: (E) — Andrew Russell, (W) — Logan Hall.

Beaverdale Wildcats 33, Valley Point Green Machine 0: (B) — A.J. Hensley, two rushing touchdowns; Reece Cowart, touchdown; Payton Gordon, touchdown; Aiden Patterson, touchdown. Offensive standouts: (B) — Robbie Wiggins, (VP) — Coy Jones. Defensive standouts: (B) — Eldon Cochran, (VP) — Josh Palham.

Westside Predators 7, New Hope Blue Grizzlies 6: (W) — Chase Cornellison, rushing touchdown; (NH) — Adam Headrick, rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (W) — Gage Medlin, (NH) — Dawson Whitmore. Defensive standouts: (W) — Ty Bohannon, (NH) — Larry Gonzalez.

Eastbrook Falcons 26, Valley Point Green Machine 6: (E) — Manny Dominguez, two rushing touchdowns; Brett Cole, rushing touchdown; Brayden Miles, rushing touchdown. (VP) — Coy Jones, rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (E) — Aaron Styles, (VP) — Coy Jones. Defensive standouts: (E) — Jacob Newton, (VP) — Josh Palham.

New Hope White Grizzlies 19, Varnell Colts 0: (NH) — Luke Blanchard, two rushing touchdowns; Kody Hammontree, rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (V) — David Noll, (NH) — Fletcher Reed. Defensive standouts: (V) — Trey Malone, (NH) — Bryan Ferreria.

9-10 division

Eastbrook 7, Westside Silver Rockets 6: (E) — Jordan Trovino, rushing touchdown. (W) — Pierce Newby, fumble recovery touchdown. Offensive standouts: (E) — Reece McCoy, (W) — Brady Ensley. Defensive standouts: (E) — Sam Gazaway, (W) — Seth Hilly.

Pleasant Grove Eagles 30, New Hope Grizzlies 8: (NH) — Zander Frady, kickoff return touchdown. (PG) — Mathew Redmon, two rushing touchdowns; Kyle Felker, rushing touchdown; Braden Morrison, rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (NH) — Walker Brown, (PG) — Brodie Goforth. Defensive standouts: (NH) — Hayden Maynard, (PG) — Reece Epperson.

Pleasant Grove Eagles 38, Valley Point Green Waves 0: (PG) — Matthew Redmon, three rushing touchdowns; Brodie Goforth, two rushing touchdowns. Offensive standouts: (PG) — Kyle Felker, (VP) — Gunner Sutton. Defensive standouts: (PG) — Goliath Watson, (VP) — David Miranda.

Tunnel Hill Falcons 26, Beaverdale Wildcats 14: (TH) — Justin Middlebrooks, four rushing touchdowns. (B) — Zack Hensley, two touchdowns (one rushing, one receiving). Offensive standouts: (TH) — Will Roper, (B) — Aiden Lumpkin. Defensive standouts: (TH) — Javin Price, (B) — C.H. Candill.

Varnell Colts 16, New Hope Grizzlies 12: (V) — Tyler Locklear, two rushing touchdowns. (NH) — Zander Frady, touchdown; Chandler Jackson, touchdown. Offensive standouts: (V) — Brayden Turso, (NH) — Jacob Shell. Defensive standouts: (V) — Mario Edwards, (NH) — Grant Bates.

Christian Heritage Lions 21, Westside Blue Rockets 0: (CH) — Tucher Jordan, rushing touchdown; Brady Pendley, rushing touchdown. Offensive standouts: (CH) — Gabe Campbell, (W) — Ethan Davenport. Defensive standouts: (CH) — Preston Roberts, (W) — Dustin Cross.

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